Shiva Mediums specializes in particle accelerators and related systems and equipment. This is comparatively a new and up-coming technology in India in terms of its very low industrial and commercial usage so far.

Shiva have collaborations with the leading facilities in the world engaged in design, development, production, supply, maintenance of accelerators, accelerator-based systems/equipment, components thereof, and related items. We also work on turnkey basis with Indian customers, partners and investors.
Technologies & Equipment for:
  • Scientific & Research Applications (applications of radiation technologies, high-energy physics, nuclear physics, spectroscopy, etc)
  • Industrial Applications (cables, wires, heat-shrink tubes, heat-shrinkable and foamed films, etc)
  • Food Applications (vegetables, fruits, grain disinfection, processed food, etc)
  • Medical Applications (sterilization of medical goods, diagnostics, cancer treatment, etc)
  • Security Applications (detection of plastic weapons, explosives on human body at airports, seaports, strategic installations, etc; customs cargo inspection, detection of contraband items, etc)
  • Oil & Gas Applications (magnification of yields of oil and gas wells, etc)
  • Nuclear Applications (nuclear waste treatment)
  • Environmental Applications (sewage water and toxic waste treatment, purification of flue gas from thermal power stations, etc)
Installation, Commissioning, Start-up, Training, Warranty, Spares, Service Support, AMC, Upgradation / Modernization