JSC Russian Technology Group 2 (RTG2), Russia

Development and production of electro-technical equipment with the characteristics appropriate or exceeding the world standards. RTG2 was formed in 1993 by the scientists and engineers of All-Russia Electrotechnical Institute (VEI) with the purpose of marketing the equipment that is the result of long term researches.

RTG2 carries out researches in the field of creation of insulation with superhigh parameters (300 kV/mm and more), switching of the large currents (100 kA and more), creation of high-stability sources of a high voltage (stability up to 0.01%), powerful high-voltage diode blocks (more than 300 kA in impulse), high voltage forming lines, etc.

Since beginning RTG2 has developed about 200 types of new capacitors, 12 types of new power supplies, new samples of spark gaps RGU type, super-power diode blocks for installations of thermo-nuclear synthesis, etc.

About 40% of whole production of RTG2 is exported and major customers include: *Siemens AG, Germany *ITAC Ltd, Japan *Niigata Lab, Japan *Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia *Korea Technology Supply, S Korea *Skyeastof Ltd, UK *Institute of Fluid Physics CAFP, China

Product range include:
* Pulse energy capacitors
- pulse high specific energy capacitors KPI
- pulse high specific energy capacitors KPI-1
- frequency capacitors for laser technology
- low inductance pulse capacitors KPIM
- low inductance pulse capacitors KPIM-1
- low inductance big current pulse capacitors with coaxial outlet type KPIMK
* Gas-discharge switches RGU type (gas filled metal-ceramic spark gaps)
* Control device for triggered vacuum switch RVU-43
* Low-inductive diode units SDL type
* High voltage power supplies