JSC Russian Institute for Power Radiobuilding (RIPR), Russia

RIPR founded in 1911, is the oldest and biggest enterprise in Russia engaged in development, production, supply, maintenance of powerful radio transmitting equipment.
RIPR carried out basic research of radio engineering, radio physics and radio-wave propagation.

Application areas include:
* Civil aviation
* Marine fleet
* Ground-based radio communication centres and data transmission by radio channel
* Railways
* Radio equipment for geophysical and geological exploration
* Scientific research and development
- Generating and measuring system for monitoring and measuring the parameters of power-lines
- Power pulse modulators to provide pulse power supply of RF and microwave pulse oscillating tubes (klystrons, magnetrons), pulse-laser ignition, etc
Applications in: *radar *non-destructive check *sterilization *tomography *equipment of high-energy physics, etc
- Secondary power supplies
Applications in: *oscillating-tube supply *charging of capacitative cells operated in full or partial discharge modes *supply of Rh tubes in industrial or medical facilities
- High-power radio-frequency sources
Purpose: *electrical-oscillation drive in charged-particle accelerator cavities *plasma radio-frequency heating in controlled thermo-nuclear fusion sets *radio-frequency pumping of industrial dioxide laser *drying of moisture-containing materials: wood, cotton