Pulsed Technologies Ltd (PTL), Russia

Founded in 1994, PTL has been recognized as specialist in development and production of a new generation of power switching components, including thyratrons with non-heated cathode (pseudospark switches), spark gaps as well as pulse trigger systems for thyratrons and pulse generators for pulsed power applications.

Awarded ISO 9001 in the year 2006.

Users of PTL pulsed power components include research and academic institutions, industrial plants, innovation companies, in Russia, CIS, Europe, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, China.

Application areas:
* Lasers (power supplies for excimer and metal-vapors lasers)
* Modern industrial technologies (magnetic-pulse, electron beam material processing, water and biological objects treatment, electrohydroimpulse installations)
* Healthcare (lithotripters, medical lasers, etc)
* Nuclear physics and electrophysics (linear accelerators, plasma focus installations, plasma lens, plasma fusion)
* Broadcasting
* Geophysics, oil-wells output improvement, georadars
* NDT, security systems (compact x-ray devices)

Products include:
* Pulse thyratrons with effective non-heated cathode (TPI & TDI series)
* Hot cathode pulse thyratrons (TGI series)
* Spark gaps (RU series)
* DC and pulse x-ray tubes for operating voltages up to 500 kV
* Selective reversible hydrogen leakage sources (deuterium, tritium)
* High-voltage pulse generators for various applications

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