Other Products and Services

* Optical glasses, filters
* Optical glass moulds/blanks, finished components
* Optical fibers
* Resistive, superconductive, permanent magnets for particle accelerators and other applications
* Vacuum chambers, stands, power supplies
* Power circulators
* Isotopes of various chemical elements having application in: medico biological researches, nuclear physics researches, nuclear industry, space-system engineering, aircraft construction, radio electronics, chemistry, geology, metallurgy, spectroscopy, non-destructive testing, agriculture, meterology, medical products for radiology
* Zinc-64: Zinc oxide, depleted in isotope Zn-64, is widely used as a corrosion inhibiting additive to the PWR/BWR nuclear reactor coolant
* Pipeline parts for nuclear power plants, heat power plants, chemical, other plants. Parts include: pipeline blocks, welded reducers, reducers, bends, pipe bending, supports, tees, reservoirs
* Transmission and scanning electron microscopes, ion microprobe analyzers, isotope and chemical mass-spectrometers, high-vacuum ion pumps, vacuum gauges, electron-beam welding equipment, vacuum deposition equipment, mass-spectrometer complexes to monitor converter steel production, etc
* Amorphous materials - metglass cores for induction applications
* Technical collaborations, Joint ventures, Technology solutions, Transfer of technology, MoU's, etc