1. Materials treatment/modification by Electron and Ion Beams increases wear and corrosion resistance of material surfaces, increases dynamic strength of products, polish surfaces, reduces friction factor, and removes waste coatings.

1.1 modifying metal and alloy surfaces by powerful pulsed electron beams using Electron Accelerators. Electron Beam treatment changes properties of the surface layer (microstructure changes, phase composition changes, phase composition is homogenised).

Applications include: Turbine Blades of Electric Generators, Elements of Cooling Systems, Formation of surface alloys & amorphous structures, Pulse annealing of materials after ion implant

Materials used in Aircraft Industry, Automobile Engine Parts, Cutting Tools, 

1.2 radio chemical modification of polymeric materials by radiation technology processes using plused wide-aperture accelerators, high-voltage accelerators and linear accelerators as electron-beam generators.

Applications include: Vulcanization of rubber products, Hardening of coatings to ensure high adhesion of multi-layer coatings and moisture resistance, E-beam cured protective & decorative coatings, Production of double-layer shrinkable polymer tape and foamed polyethylene

1.3 modifying surfaces with ion implantation

2. Non Destructive Testing & Inspection for atomic power plants industry, ship building, critical machine building plants.

Compared to radiography, the efficiency of radiometric inspection methods (introscopy and tomography) is ten times higher as it is realised practically in real time.

Customs Inspection Complex for examination of vehicles and large-scale containers without their opening to detect contraband goods like arms, explosive substances, jewels, alcohol drinks, drugs, etc

Applications include: security check-points of cargo traffic at railway stations, road, airports and seaports

3. Activation Analysis based on photo-nuclear reactions for detecting the content of gold (Au) and other elements in ore samples.

• threshold of Au detection in ore sample 0.4 g/t

• accuracy +/- 10%

• throughput 1200 analysis per day

4. Production of short-lived radionuclides for medicine (diagnostic and therapy), material science.

Linear accelerators of electrons, ions and cyclotrons are used for production of short-lived isotopes for PET