D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (NIIEFA), Russia

NIIEFA founded in 1945, is the leading developer of the equipment for fundamental researches in the field of nuclear physics, high-energy physics, controlled thermo-nuclear fusion. For these years, particle accelerators, lasers, plasma installations and high-voltage generators were developed at NIIEFA for Beam, Laser and Plasma technologies. Beam Technologies allow to stop use of several technologies that are fire & explosive dangerous, harmful for personnel and environment, and connected with applying solvents, high temperatures, etc. They allow to receive results that can't be achieved in other ways.

Beam, Laser and Plasma Technologies & Devices for Industrial Applications

Pulse Generator for magnification of yields of Oil & Gas Wells to increase production rate, with low cost of material resources, without ecologically harmful effects, etc. Electrohydroimpulse Influence on Wells

Scientific and Production Complex of Linear Accelerators and Cyclotrons 'NPK LUTS':

Have pioneered in commercial production of medical accelerators, up to 25 machines a year. Also, accelerator-based computerized complexes for radiation processing and medicine. Machines are in use world-wide including Germany, France, Finland, Egypt, Korea, Hungary, China, etc. 

Provide life-time technical support of their accelerators.

* Linear electron accelerators for:

- Radiotherapy

- Radiation non-destructive inspection (radiography, introscopy & tomography)

- Radiation processing (sterilization of medical goods, treatment of food-stuff, etc). 3-15 MeV machines with beams of accelerated electrons are used. 

Advantages of E-Beam sterilization:

processing of products in sealed packs, short time of processing, no need in subsequent processing of irradiated products, minimum rise of temperature of object under irradiation, higher production rate compared to thermal sterilization methods, higher radiation safety compared to gamma-radiation

- Activation analysis

- Production of radionuclides for medical and industrial use

For use in the system for sterilization of medical products: Model UELR-10-10S (download brochure)

For medical diagnostics: EFATOM Double-detector Single-photon Emissive Computerized Tomograph 

(download brochure)

* Linear ion accelerators for:

- Activation analysis of chemical elements

- Production of radionuclides

Neutron Generators based on Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) ion linear accelerator

* Cyclotrons:

- Multipurpose

- Special-purpose

- Designed for production of radionuclides and activation analysis

For medical diagnostics: Models CC-18/9 (download brochure), MCC-30/15 (download brochure)

* Computerized medical complexes comprising:

an accelerator, simulator-tomograph, treatment plan system

* Computerized complexes for industrial introscopy and tomography comprising:

an accelerator, x-ray field forming system, detector line, data acquisition and processing system, software, object -positioning system

* Computerized complexes for customs inspection of cargo containers and vehicles comprising:

an accelerator, slit collimators, detector line, transportation system of objects under inspection, software, etc

Radioscopic examination of vehicles and large containers without their opening to expose contraband goods such as caches of arms, ammunition, jewels, alcohol drinks, drugs, etc.

Application at customs security check-points with high cargo traffic at airports, seaports, railway stations and roads.

Special software processes data from the detector line and visualizes high-resolution image of the inspected object on screen of the workstation in the real-time mode.

Major Advantages:

- continuous round-the-clock operation of customs check-point resulting in its higher throughput, efficiency and quality of inspection with lower expenditure for control implementation

- obtaining most exhaustive real-time information on the object under inspection

- high-speed data processing and high-quality of images ensured by applied software

- opportunity to compare the actual contents of inspected containers with the cargo declared in the cargo manifest

- archiving the obtained data

- opportunity of scrupulous analysis of suspicious items with no reduction of the complex throughput due to several available workstations

- eliminates lots of physical and financial handicaps, especially time needed for inspection in traditional methods

* On-site installation, training, spares, warranty & post-warranty services

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