Powerful Compact Electron Accelerators
* radiation treatment of polyethylene cable, wire insulators to improve heat proofness
* radiation modification of heat-shrinkable tubes

Scientific Research
* civil applications of radiation technologies
* high-energy physics
* nuclear physics
* spectroscopy

Nuclear Applications
nuclear waste treatment

X-ray, Cyclotrons, Accelerators
* sterilization of medical goods
* diagnostics
* cancer treatment

radiation desinsectization of grain
vegetables, fruits
* processed food

Oil & Gas
magnification of yields of oil and gas wells
Security & Surveillance

X-ray, Accelerators
* detection of plastic weapons, explosives on human body at airports, seaports, strategic installations, etc
* customs cargo inspection, detection of contraband items, etc

sewage water and toxic waste treatment
* purification of flue gas from thermal power stations

Spares Service Support Modernization
Installation, Commissioning, Start-up, Training, Warranty, Spares, Service Support, AMC, Upgradation / Modernization