NSC General Physics Institute (GPI), Russia

GPI was founded in 1982 as a facility of USSR Academy of Sciences. Amongst its various labs, most important were the oscillations lab and the plasma physics lab. Academician A M Prokhorov, a world renowned scientist, winner of Lenin, State and Nobel Prizes has been the director of the institute until Jan 2002.
One of the laboratory of GPI is X-ray Diagnostics Laboratory. Here the major objective is to develop and refine methods and means of high-speed electron-optical photography in the visible, near-IR, UV and soft x-ray spectral regions with pico-femtosecond time resolution.

Products include:
* Image Intensifiers, Streak Tubes, Framing Tubes
* Streak Camera Systems, Framing Camera Systems
* Nanosecond Passive Delay Units for transfer delay of electrical pulse in particular to trigger the Streak Camera
* CCD Read-out System for Camera Systems
* MCP Detectors (25 & 40 mm)

Items available ex:stock that can be delivered immediately:
1. X-ray Streak Tube ... 1 pc
2. Photocathodes for X-ray Streak Tube (CsI & Au) ... 2 pcs each
3. Optical Streak Tube with S-1 photocathode ... 2 pcs