System for Radiographic Control

"Efficient personal inspection is an efficient anti-terrorism action"
The present situation with international terrorism and criminal environment in some countries generated a need for additional security measures concerning personal inspection for the purpose of detection of dangerous items and weapons hidden on body or in clothes. If inspecting not only for metal items but for explosive materials and weapons made of plastic - the only way for this purpose is to use radiographic inspection. This method is widely used in airports for luggage inspection, but in this case radiation dose is not of a vital importance. Meanwhile only low dose devices are acceptable to scan people. Such kind of devices can be effectively used for personal inspection at airports, customs, banks, prisons, nuclear power centers, etc.
SRC "Sibscan" in Domodedovo airport 

Such systems must meet the following requirements:
01. Possibility of low-contrast objects detection, allowing observing them both near human body (inside clothes, at the side), against background of the most dense bodying parts (abdominal cavity) and inside body also.
02. Ultra-low doses of X-ray irradiation, comparable with background dose.
03. Large image dimensions (more than human height and width).
04. Short period of inspection.
05. Presence of software allowing to analyze an image in a short time.
06. Minimum of inconveniences for inspected person.
07. High capacity.
Such system can be created only by applying scanning method to obtain an image. On scanning completion the picture appears after quick processing on screen. From the outside the SRC is represented by the two racks, and the inspected person can not see the moving parts. Scanning process begins from soles and finishes after the X-ray beam leaves the head of the inspected person. The inspection becomes fast, effective and convenient both for passengers and airport staff.
The knife and the pistol model are made from 4 mm plastic.
There is the brick of explosive matter on the right thigh.