ELV Industrial Electron Accelerators

The industrial electron accelerators are the unique and innovative tools of the electron beam treatment. ELV accelerators by their parameters, surpass the best world models. Their design and schematic solutions provide the long term and round-the-clock operation of accelerators under the conditions of industrial production processes.
The auxillary underbeam equipment added to these accelerators for matter enhancement, considerably improves the efficiency of the use of electron beam. These accelerators are known for their simplicity of design, compactness, high-efficiency, reliability, and ease in control and service. Due to their advantages, ELV accelerators are used in almost all fields of electron beam technologies.
By now, over 70 accelerators had been delivered and the total operation time exceeds 500 accelerator years.

Applications: • wire and cable insulation cross-linking • films, tubes and molded parts heat-shrinking • rubber and elastomers vulcanization • textile fiber quality improvement • polymer coatings curing • purification of flue gas from thermal power stations • waste water and toxic wastes treatment • polyethylene foaming • metal surface hardening & powder surfacing • grain disinfection

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Sep 21, 2010, 5:29 AM