Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP), Russia

BINP, Russia holds the leading position in the world in developing and manufacturing Industrial Electron Accelerators, Superconducting Magnet Systems, Ion Sources for Plasma Investigation, etc.

BINP's X-ray devices for Medicine and for Security (Airport Control Systems) are also widely known.

BINP is the largest world-known Physics Centre founded in 1958.

Product Groups include:
  1. Undulators and Magnets for Synchrotron Radiation Sources (SRS)
  2. Superconducting Magnet Systems
  3. Industrial Electron Accelerators
  4. Vacuum Equipment
  5. RF Systems
  6. Power Supplies
  7. X-ray Detectors
  8. Low-dose Digital X-ray System for Medicine and Security Control
* Industrial Electron Accelerators - ELV and ILU series with unique 4-side irradiation system (optional)

ELV series accelerators: Energy 0.4 to 2.5 MeV, Beam Power upto 400 kW, Max Beam Current upto 100 mA, Efficiency >90%
Application fields: • wire and cable insulation cross-linking • films, tubes and molded parts heat-shrinking • rubber and elastomers vulcanization • textile fiber quality improvement • polymer coatings curing • purification of flue gas from thermal power stations • waste water and toxic wastes treatment • polyethylene foaming • metal surface hardening & powder surfacing • grain disinfection

ILU series accelerators: Energy 0.5 to 5 MeV, Beam Power upto 50 kW, Max Beam Current upto 20 mA

ILU-14: Energy upto 10 MeV, Beam Power upto 100 kW

Application fields: • sterilization of medical goods (syringes, clothes, implants, etc), medicinal preprations made of vegetal matters, food products • production of heat-shrinkable tubes & cuffs, heat resistant tubes for hot water supply, heat-shrinkable and foamed films • improvement of electrical, thermal & mechanical resistance of the insulation of wires/cables 

* System for Radiographic Control (SRC) Sibscan for Security Control  "Efficient personal inspection is an efficient anti-terrorism action"

SRC Sibscan: For personal inspection to detect explosive materials, plastic weapons hidden on body or in clothes.

Applications include: scan people at airports, customs, banks, prisons, nuclear power centers, important establishments/buildings, etc


* Low-dose Digital Radiographic Device (LDRD) for X-ray medical screening

LDRD medical X-ray equipment: With main feature extremely low irradiation dose for patient combining with reasonable image resolution. Provides unique possibility to do x-ray diagnostics of pregnant women and infants

* Ask for upgradation/modernisation of existing Accelerators

* Spares, post-warranty repair and maintenance support